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  • Nautilus has introduced the concept of “relax dyeing” to the dyeing world;
  • Nautilus thereby reducing to a minimum the negative effects of elongation and folds;
  • Nautilus uses water only for dyeing, reducing the liters and kw per kg of fabric with respect to traditional jet machines. the 1.4 fixed bath ratio guarantees a minimal environmental impact on the surrounding world;
  • Nautilus guarantees a constant bath ratio with abilities that vary from 100% to 40% of the load;
  • Nautilus still offers a competitive chance to those who work in evolved markets, reducing the fixed costs per kg of fabric with an unmatched process quality;

So nautilus means water saving, energy saving, time saving and last but not least a better dyeing quality.

So there's nothing left to do but jump on board with laip for this new adventure.



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