Ideal to dye fabrics:

Fabric dyeing machinesNatural and synthetic fiber knitTubolar and warp knit for sportwear


The only machine with a double belt: better circulation for exceptional dyeing

The fabric is conveyed by two stainless steel belts , which subjects fibers to less stress when dyeing , avoiding folds and lengthening. Both reels make it possible to work with ropes of different lengths, thanks to a special software for independent speed adjustment on each reel. Correct placement of the fabric, on the point of ascent towards the reel, to reduce traction on material and prevent knots.


Flexible load capacity with constant liquor ratio

The liquor ratio is kept constant by the maximum fabric load for up to 40%. The specific drop folder enables correct fabric placement on the conveyor belt, for increased load capacity.


Reduction of production costs thanks to significant energy saving

Low water consumption guaranteed by a maximum liquor ratio of 1:4. Less steam for lower power consumption, up to – 30% KW.


Industry 4.0

Specific devices for monitoring consumptions during the dyeing cycle, remote assistance and other technical/ scientific characteristics means Nautilus satisfies industry 4.0 requirements.

Brief on Nautilus by Luigi

Technical data
Pressure3,5 bar
Temperature147 °C
Number of ropesfrom 1 to 4
Total capacityfrom 100 to 600 kg
Liquor ratio1:4

The machine can be sectioned to work with lower capacities, or two machines can be combined in tandem for increased load capacity.