Ideal to dye fabrics:

Cotton and /or pes tubolar knitFabric dyeing machines


Homogeneous dyeing of woven and knit natural and synthetic fiber fabrics

Internal reel for a short distance from the containment chamber to avoid straining, stretching and abrasions on fabric.
Plaiting folder for correct placement of fabric inside the containment chamber, avoids knots and improves loading capacity and advancement.
Technology developed to reduce dyeing times.


Attention to water consumptions and low liquor ratio.

Vertical axis pump to reduce the amount of water inside the machine.

Reduced power and heat consumption due to low water content.


Industry 4.0

Specific devices for monitoring consumptions during the dyeing cycle, remote assistance and other technical/ scientific characteristics means that the Water Flow 800 satisfies industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical data
Pressure2,7 bar – Atmospheric
Temperature140 °C – 98 °C
Number of ropesfrom 1 to 4
Total capacityfrom 150 to 1000 Kg
Liquor ratio1:4,5

The machine can be sectioned to work with lower capacities, or two machines can be combined in tandem for increased load capacity.