Ideal to dye fabrics:

Cotton and blended for casual wearFabric dyeing machinesHigh end silk and technicalNatural and synthetic fiber knitSensitive knitTubolar and warp knit for sportwearVelvet


Avoids machine downtime while also guaranteeing uniform and flawless dyeing

The distance between the containment chamber and nozzle is reduced, resulting in minimum fabric tension thus avoiding the stretching of items that are sensitive to folding.
The construction and design of the reel, entirely made of stainless steel, ensures the fabric is always thoroughly immersed in the dye liquor avoiding abrasions.
Four launch tube diameter versions enables the fabric to reach high speed, resulting in homogeneous dyeing also on strong dyes and difficult tonalities like turquoise.
The launch tube output is elliptical in shape, so that the fabric can stretch and is conveyed towards the containment chamber with ease.


Easy operation and maintenance

Easy to load from above, no specialised staff required,thanks to unique front aspiration that guarantees effortless control and adjustment of the machine. Once the right water level is set, pump and reel speed settings are also executed to achieve desired fabric spin, without any external mechanical intervention.

  • Easy access to the inside of the nozzle turret.
  • Visibility of fabric along upper path, thanks to inspection porthole.
  • Simple and economic ordinary maintenance easily carried out by internal technicians, thus optimising time and costs.


Excellent performance in terms of sustainability and savings

The low liquor ratio results in the saving of around 20% of water, with a significant environmental and economic impact, for a healthier end product and more eco-compatible process.


Industry 4.0

Specific devices for monitoring consumptions during the dyeing cycle, remote assistance and other technical/ scientific characteristics means the Jet 250HT satisfies industry 4.0 requirements.

No defect, claim or declassification of product. This is why Eurojersey has chosen the JET 250 HT for Sensitive Fabrics, the internationally acclaimed brand for activewear, streetwear and swimwear.

Technical data
Pressure3,5 bar
Temperature143 °C
Number of ropesfrom 1 to 6 in various lenghts
Total capacityfrom 20 to 1500 kg
Liquor ratio1:5

The machine can be sectioned to work with lower capacities, or two machines can be combined in tandem for increased load capacity.