BID – Bobbins Injection Dyeing

Ideal to print yarn in bobbins:

Multicoloured pattern printing of yarn in bobbinsYarn/Fiber dyeing machines


Productivity, reliability, repeatability

Ideal for large batches: automatic setting guarantees the same effect, from the first to the last bobbin.


Mechanical innovations

Hydraulic pump and stainless steel colour cylinders that collect the dyeing solution and send it to respective printing needles, which are inserted in the yarn, replacing the traditional system of vacuum aspiration.



The technology enables the injection of 4 to 6 different colours or product solutions simultaneously. The machine is built according to the height of the customer’s bobbins.


Industry 4.0

Specific devices for monitoring consumptions during the dyeing cycle, remote assistance.

Technical data
Temperature90 °C
N° headsfrom 1to 2
N° coloursfrom 4 to 6
Dyeing needlesfrom 16 to 24