198 HRZ

Ideal to dye yarn/fibre:

Complete dyeing lines fiber / tow/ topsDyeing of cotton tops tow yarnYarn/Fiber dyeing machines


Reliability and the guarantee of optimal dyeing

Homogeneous flow distribution and optimisation of operating phases for shorter process times . Device for the draining of liquor with a temperature greater than 100°C, to eliminate oligomers that form during dyeing, and to guarantee the depth and solidity of dyeing.


Flexible load capacity with constant liquor ratio

Constant liquor ratio also with part loads. Efficient liquor inversion circulation pump designed to always ensure suitable dyeing liquor flow and pressure for kg treated.

Autoclave height and diameter vary according to the customer’s requests.

Can be fitted with different types of  material carriers for yarn in bobbins, hanks, fibertow, tops.


Easy maintenance

The high performance flanged tube bundle exchanger external to the machine ensures easy maintenance and internal inspection .


Attention to consumption and respect for the environment

Energy consumption is optimised thanks to continuous automatic control.


Industry 4.0

Specific devices for monitoring consumptions during the dyeing cycle, remote assistance and other technical/ scientific characteristics means that the 198 HT satisfies industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical data
Pressure 4,5 bar
Temperature156 °C
D.machinebased on requested capacity
Total Capacityfrom 20 to 1500 Kg
Liquor ratio1:4 – 1:6

The machine can be sectioned to work with lower capacities, or two machines can
be combined in tandem for increased load capacity.