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Robotized yarn dyeing plant

Robot operated system:
The basic principle behind the STARR Color system is the simple idea of handling stacks of cones without having to use either material carriers or rods. This is how the company of Gualchierani System has managed to improve and simplify handling operations to make the whole dyeplant more functional and linear.
Cones are not handled using material carriers but exclusively manipulating stacks of cones.
The organ of movement, which is a robot-operated bridge, consist of:

  • an element that picks up the dyed material;
  • an element that inserts the greige yarn;
  • an element that presses the stacks of cones and hooks the capping piece.

Thanks to the cone presser element and the special cap with its spring, the STARR Color system can be used to dye every type of cop presently on the market.

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The STARR Color system is based on vertical modular units tested to operate at a maximum temperature of 150C and maximum pressure of 5 bar.
Inside the kier is an easily removable rod, with a diameter of 30 or 55 mm, where the cones are stacked. The particular structure of the "come blocking cap" and of the kier makes it possible to use every kind of dye cop available on the market, such as:
TRUNCATED CONE H= 170 - 140 mm
CYLINDRICAL H= 200 - 170 - 140 mm
MARIPRESS H= 140 - 170 mm
with or without separator.

With this modular system, the machine layout can provide for machines of variable capacity from 1-3 to 48 pipes, that can be operated in tandem.
The load capacity for each PIPE is, instead, determined by the type of cone we are using:
11 cones per pipe with the 140 mm truncated cone type
9 cones per pipe with the 170 mm truncated cone type
12 cones per pipe with the 170 mm MARIPRESS type

The boilers, with their vertical structure, can operate in two ways, either with AIR CUSHION or CONTINUOUS BATH RECYCLE.

Cone Dryer:
Patented dryer in cubical form, extremely compact and easy to use with low energy consumption.
If installs a specially designed blower with exceptional technical features and high capacity and head to reduce drying time to a minimum. Installed power: 75 HP - maximum output: 70 HP.

The features of this dryer are as follows:
LOAD CAPACITY = 24 rods for a total of 288 cones 240, H 170, weight approx. 2 kg each

100% ACRYLIC 30 min. - Initial temp. 103C
100% WOOL 110 min. - Initial temp. 103C
VISCOSE + LINEN 160 min. - Initial temp. 103C
100% COTTON 120/180 min. - Initial temp. 103C

The high efficiency of this dryer is the result of innovative design that distributes the air inside of the cone holder rod. The flow of air is distributed through the inside of the rod both in the upper and lower parts which tends to pressurize it and reduce the losses of charge in the circuit. The drying units are equipped with special loading cells that make it possible to keep the weight and residual moisture of the yarn under control at all times.
The loading cells automatically interrupt the drying cycle when the yarn reaches the preset weight.
In addition, the innovative "SATE DRYING" system (patented) controls the temperature at the outlet and varies the aperture of the steam valve on the basis of its reading. SATE has also provided the specially developed software that can be used to control as many as 8 drying units with a video display on the monitor of a PC, so that an operator can intervene at any point in the process.

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