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Lab machines


Laboratory machines

Laip has designed a series of small and medium capacity machines in response to the requests of its clientele for equipment capable of handling samples and small lots. These machines work at high temperature ore pressure to dye textile fibres in any form:

  • Stable fibres
  • Yarn
  • In hanks
  • Piece goods
  • Finished garments


Mod. VO98
Piece good dyeing

Mod. 400
98 °C - 108 °C
Kg 5
Fabric in ropes dyeing

Mod. 400
98 °C - 108 °C
Kg 25/75
Fabric in ropes dyeing

Mod. ATM / 208 / HT
108 °C
Yarn in hanks dyeing

Mod. 550 / HT
140 °C
Kg 25
Fabric in ropes dyeing

Mod. 180
Loose stock and tops dyeing

Mod. ACR / HT
From 1 Kg to 30 Kg
Loose stock and yarn on modular cones dyeing

The machine of the ACR line, which operate with external recycling of the bath through the injection pump for configuration larger than 2 boilers. The circulation pump with pneumatic piston for inversion, permits circulation of the bath in two modes “Internal – External” or “External – Internal”. Programming is done using a special microprocessor for the dyeing stage. The tandem hookup of pairs of boilers makes the machines of ACR line extremely functional ad versatile. Particular attention in the design has been devoted to safety, maintenance and programming.

Mod. LAB
Fabric at indipendent heads dyeing

The LAB line of dyeing machines, with air cushion, are designed to dye small lots of cones, tops, hanks, tapes, fabrics from 1 Kg to 20 Kg. The extreme versatility of these machines enables them to dye different types of textile materials, in the configuration from 2 to 10 small boilers, simultaneously in different colours. The machines are “tailor-made” to the specific needs of the individual users and can also be connected in pairs to operate in tandem. The LAB machines are controlled by a PC through a special software program that runs in windows environment. This program permits total automation of all steps of the dye process. The thermal vector passes through the two chambers that enclose each of the boiler tanks.
Video Mini Lab

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