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Airjet 2000

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Machine for dyeing on rope knitted and woven fabric. The AIRJET works at very lo liquor ratio thanks to a special nozzle through air dragging system. The jet with rectangular shape makes easier the fabric opening avoiding the twisting with subsequent elimination of wrinkle and crow's feet. A special not-motorized reel presents the fabric at the entrance of the nozzle without traction or tension on the fabric itself. The not-motorized reel eliminates the abrasions and polishing's trouble generally due to the speed difference between the reel and the fabric. By means to the plaiter placed at the exit of the nozzle, the fabric is perfectly loaded inside the containing chamber by eliminating any possible knots. A system pf sprinklers, properly studied, allows both uniformous fabric dyeing and perfect cleaning inside the machine itself. AIRJET is the right machine for processing very special and sensitive fabric with problems of polishing, fibrillation and friction as: Lyocell, Tencel, Modal, Microfiber, Cupro, Polinosics and similar. A software, properly dedicated, allows the programming of all the machine and dyeing cycles parameters.

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